Saturday, December 31, 2011


Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Sometimes your dreams change shape.

It was a tearful goodbye, but I said it.  That dream, the multiple degrees, the academic career? I don't want it anymore.  A good-sized part of me never really wanted it.  Once I finally recognized that and believed it, I felt a wonderful sense of peace and calm, so different from the uncertainty that plagued me from August to December.  One semester of graduate school made me realize that I want to teach.

So this new year is bringing changes with it.  I am leaving my current program, taking a semester to work and save and read through my monstrous stack of books, and enrolling in a teacher certification/master's degree program in the summer.

Changes come, but they can be so good.  This is one of my steps toward a joy-filled life.

Image by Yulia Brodskaya


Joanna said...

Well done - it takes guts to make a decision like that and wisdom to recognise that you need to shift your dreams. All the very best for 2012.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Congrats on having the courage to pursue your path. Your words really resonated with me. I began to dream in whole new ways this year. I realized I don't want to be an academic either, and left my PhD program (though I still have a thesis to complete to get my master's degree). Isn't it wonderful to feel like you're finally finding yourself? Happy 2012, my dear!