Monday, May 31, 2010

festive cobbler?

As a wedding gift, my best friend's mom found me this cookbook:

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignnone" width="218" caption="1978 Edition"][/caption]

Now, this is the cookbook that my mom has always use, and Oma as well, to make special dishes for holidays or from gardens or just for fun.  So my mom asked Kat's mom to find a copy of it, and she did!  I have the single hardback volume, while my mom has a giant binder with a bunch of other recipes stuck in, but both editions have a TON of reference information.  I highly recommend them.  I have been told that the older editions are the best, but I haven't seen newer ones in order to compare.  I just happen to find the 1978 edition much more fun than a brand-new volume, maybe because it's the same one my mom has used for my entire life.

My new in-laws have a cherry tree in their yard that produces rather sour cherries.  They look good but taste tart.  So I looked up cherries in the index of the BCC and found a recipe for cherry cobbler that calls for tart cherries.  How perfect is that?

It's in the oven right now, looking all patriotic with the bright red cherries in a blue and white Bybee Pottery casserole pan borrowed from my mother-in-law.  It makes me smile, because she and my mom both love the same pattern from Bybee.

I hope it tastes good!

*edit: it does, if I do say so myself!*

found about: Canon Creative Park

I was lazily browsing through old Creature Comforts posts and found this site full of things like

Um, fun much?

I wish I had all my crafting supplies.  I would be jumping on this project for at least one of the quickly approaching/recently passed birthdays that fill June...including a young lady soon to pass into legal adulthood!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Design Crush: Novel-T.

and now it's time to sign off of any blogging until June!  then I'll get this spot going.  but I figure you understand the idea of having a honeymoon first, no?

we're ready!  it's here!

Friday, May 14, 2010

definitely want to do this #1: book of notes

envelope book: one.

Originally uploaded by ohhellofriend

I am in love with this.
I found it via Oh, Hello, Friend.
Danni's blog is one of my favorites by far! I can never stop reading it once I begin. So many lovely images and ideas...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

loving: blue and white and birds

came upon this tonight: seesaw designs (via Oh, Hello Friend, a very favorite blog).

I'm in love.  Seriously.

If I had oodles of money and time, this would be my house, apart from the wallpaper.  I still hate wallpaper.  Christmas break 2003.  January 2003.  Etc. IT NEVER ENDED!  My parents' house was all done in wallpaper--lovely wallpaper, but faded and peeling--that we tore down over several months.  Someone neglected to prime under the paper, so it was a mess.  That middle school memory will forever stay with me and prevent me from hanging wallpaper in the interest of future generations.

But all that aside, wouldn't the bag and pillow found over on this post be fantastic?

Oi, I should stop already, loves.  I am getting too far ahead of myself.