Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have ideas for posts sometimes.

But then I'm not near a computer, or I have a million pages to read, or I'm translating Old English, which I've never done before and is very tedious at first (but really fun when you think about how you're reading this thing that was written a thousand years ago...or maybe that's just me).  Or I'm hobbling to class as quickly as possible for someone with an almost-broken toe can (the sofa jumped out at me, I swear!) because I'm late.  Or I'm stuck in traffic during my commute and wishing that my air conditioning actually worked well because it's hitting ninety degrees again this week.

In short, I'm kind of busy.  I'm also crap at time management, which means a little bit of busy can get way out of hand.  I'm trying to improve this.  When I do, I'll probably post regularly.  For now, it's going to be sporadic, but you can expect two or three posts a week...maybe.  I am not an organized person and trying to find some mode of becoming a bit more organized that works for me and doesn't rely on my husband noticing that it's noon and I have to leave for class in ten minutes, at most.

This blog might be adjusting again soon.  It's my space for what's interesting me at present--big or little things, just the stuff of life--and the things that interest me right now are changing, or rather focusing, though not narrowing.  The things I write might follow that, or perhaps they'll just be a part of figuring out that focus as I go along.  I write to an audience, technically, but I ultimately write for myself and I don't know what shape that's going to take in the future.  But then, do any of us know?

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karey m. said...

i do the SAME thing! i have BRILL ideas about posts, but then i fall asleep and lose them.