Thursday, September 29, 2011

Socks and Sandals

I have a problem.

September is almost over and fall is really coming.  I love fall--it's really my favorite season, with hot chocolate or tea every night, fresh pears from the tree at my parents' house, picking pumpkins from the selection at a local farm, and the gorgeous colors.  I'm really excited about fall, except for one thing, a silly thing that's entirely my own fault, which leaves me in a bit of a fashion bind.

Do I let my toes freeze as the temperatures drop, or do I wear socks and sandals?  The last toe on my right foot doesn't hurt much when I walk, but it won't tolerate anything with a closed toe (not even my slippers!).

All I'm saying is that the sofa totally jumped out at my poor little toe.

According to my Pinterest search, the only fashionable way to wear socks with sandals is to wear a sandal with a multi-inch heel.  This is also not an option, as it hurts my toe and I am very clumsy, as you may have guessed. Oh, and this made me laugh.


kimbirdy said...

oh no! that is a terrible dilemma. i can't stand the whole socks with sandals look that's come back around these days. that was popular when i was a kid. blech! but if you have an injury, it's totally fine to do what you gotta do.

Dancing Branflake said...

I say, if you can pull it off then do the socks and sandals thing. I always envy those who can.

augustalolita said...

i love the whole socks and sandals!! and those shoes on the photo are amazing <3