Sunday, February 26, 2012


fabric manipulation

Earlier this month, Kathrin of Annekata invited her readers to join in a fabric manipulation challenge.  My craft/sewing/making skills have been largely unused since August, so I happily joined in--I needed a challenge that was doable but still challenged my creativity.

fabric manipulation

I took a half-bleached tank top that is completely unwearable but still made of pretty good fabric and cut a long looped strip from the hem.  I stitched along one side, then pulled the stitches to gather the edge into a circle.  I then stitched along the outside and gathered it on the reverse and stitched it down.  It was simple and not hugely time-consuming, but process-oriented enough that I felt that same mix of calm and hopeful anxiety that draws me to make in the first place.  Plus, I end up with something to use that I made with my own to hands (and a needle and thread), so once I find some felt and stitch on a backing, it can serve as a hair piece or a pin on my coat or a scarf.

A few other bloggers have joined in, too.  Kathrin's lovely blue scarf, good words on process, and links to other entries in the challenge here.


Kathrin said...

Hi Katie, the flower fits you perfectly. It's beautiful, clever AND quick... it doesn't get any better than that! Thanks so much for joining in.

Stephanie said...

I think you did a wonderful job! I love how gray works for any headpiece!

Alexa said...

Wow that flower is just gorgeous!