Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things


My aunt gave me the most beautiful journal for Christmas, and I've only filled one page.  I feel as if most of the words that come to me aren't worthy of its pages, then end up not writing at all.  Then I came across this pin today, and decided the beautiful journal will be filled with daily gratitudes and maybe a few collages.  


English doesn't actually have a future tense, but this still made me laugh.


These are some good words.

I have a fun surprise for tomorrow!  


Dancing Branflake said...

It's so true! Love that print.

Anonymous said...

Your aunt is so very happy to hear that you like the journal. She encourages you to use it more freely so she can choose another one for you!

ReImagined by Luna said...

Katie: As the maker of your Christmas gift journal, I'm excited to hear that you will be using it ;) I hear alot of people say similar things about the journals being too lovely to write in. While I understand, I have also found that having something beautiful to write in can help me write more freely. I tend to start my new journals by skipping the first page. Then, if I find something REALLY important, I can always go back and add it there. Writing, sketching, and creating collages have been SO important for me over the years to stay in touch with myself and heal my tender places. I actually address this very thing in one of my blog posts: Keep up the lovely blog! Best!

Oh, and I can always rebind new pages in it if you fill it up and want to keep writing in that one...

Sam | ashore said...

for a long time I wanted to make my notebooks as beautiful as the one in the picture! But, writing (even with terrible penmanship) is the most important thing you can do in a journal - right?

Mo said...

I think a gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. I've even been thinking about starting one because I tend to forget all the happy things in life, even though there are so many! Have a great time journaling. :)