Wednesday, June 23, 2010

room envy: lots of shelves

i want this room

via Made by Girl

I like shelves.  I prefer them to closets and boxes any day.  You can see what you need (or put a door on if you don't want to), they have plenty of little caddies, and you don't have to do that annoying pull-one-box-down-to-get-another stacking thing.

Plus, there's fabric on the shelves, and heaven knows I need more of that.


What?  I don't need more?  I should use what I have?  What is this nonsense?

(meanwhile, I'm off to resume my current project, a fabric cover for the plastic stacking drawers that my clothes will be stored in until we move into a more permanent residence where we won't mind carrying furniture up the stairs quite so much. teeheehee.)

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