Saturday, June 26, 2010

an afternoon wedding

Three years ago, during the silly days of high school, M and J started dating.  They were far too cute, and it makes me smile to see that nothing has changed.  We haven't seen each other much, the  way college tends to move people around and such, but I was happy to attend M's wedding today with my long time best friend Kat.

M has always been a sweet girl, and the pink and black colors of the day suited her perfectly.  I was also enormously impressed by her gown.  I don't know where she found it, but it was so lovely and fit her just right, both physically and in style.  She was lovely and so crazy obviously (or should I say obliviously?) happy.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown since we were in graduation gowns and tossing our caps in the air.

Sadly, thanks to traffic, I missed most of the ceremony.  But the few moments I caught were beautiful.  M has many siblings, and it was neat to see all of them together to participate.  Her family was really lovely all together in their wedding attire.  Her little sisters were particularly adorable in their coordinating dresses.  So sweet!

Congrats M and J!

p.s Kat had a surprise for me that I'll share tomorrow.  She's so crafty!

p.p.s. M, your little sisters were collecting the petals from all the tables after the reception.  Their baskets were overflowing.

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