Tuesday, June 8, 2010

we flit, we float...

everywhere!  We have been both south and north in two weeks and have at last resumed our central position.  Unfortunately, we will still be flitting between time zones until August.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, in our vertical crossings of the nation, we have had a wonderful time.

C at the Sanibel Bean.  We shared a deliciously sweet and thick and smooth mocha with just a little more chocolate than usual, but C. kept his Italiano Panini to himself and I hogged my veggie platter with HUMMUS and TABOULI!  If you know me, you know that I can eat an Sam's Club container of hummus in one sitting if I have enough veggies to go with it.  C just laughed at me and my occasional vegetarianism.

The beaches of Sanibel were beautiful and the gulf was so bright and clear and so aqua blue that I wanted to pack it up in my suitcase and bring it home.  It will so sad if the oil spill gets closer to such shores, particularly for all the small and interesting businesses that make up the livelihoods of the island's residents, but also for the incredible wildlife we saw.

We biked the entire length of the island.  It was exhausting but SO worth it.  The whole place is beautiful, but the lighthouse is particularly neat.  Several years ago, it was going to be turned off, as it is no longer needed, but the community protested and it remained turned on.  I can't recall the rest of the history, but I know that it's loved in San-Cap (Sanibel/Captiva, oh look, native speak!) history.  It's unique, to be sure, compared to your average lighthouse.

We came home (to my parents' house for my mail and some sleep after hours on the road) to this little paper in the mail.  Target is wonderful for your wedding registry.  We have 10% off any purchases of items from the registry that we didn't receive as gifts as well as four coupons for specific items that we registered for.  Now we can get a vacuum and maybe a mixer!  We also have gift cards from some very loving family members (THANKS!).  Now all we need is better storage in our itty bitty kitchen.

That brings me to another post, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I've gotten too image heavy for tonight!



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Julia Beran the MOM said...

Sounds lovely and you glowed with joy after your honey moon. How are you after all that swim time in Wisconsin?