Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lately (november edition)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I have to work on Thanksgiving day (:(), but I do get the weekend off, at least.  Then it's time for the absolute fun and chaos that is preparing for Christmas, graduation, and getting into grad school before January!

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about making this today...

(by Martha, who else?)

and I've pulled this good old friend out of storage...

Can you see me beneath the snuggie knock-off (that's much warmer and nicer looking, thank you very much)? I promise I'm in there!

Once I manage to get this whole paper written, I'll be in Christmas craft mode.  I plan to only give handmade gifts this year--made either by me or purchased.  I have ZERO desire to enter the fray of stores and malls until after Christmas.  There is no need to put myself through that.  I'd much rather turn to the wonderful Gifted magazine, by Ez of Creature Comforts, and use it as a guide to lovely and thoughtful gifts.

Perhaps I'll try my hand at a good-gift round up?  We'll see.

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