Tuesday, November 30, 2010

holiday DIY of the day #1

Ready for a countdown to Christmas?

It's the last day of November, and there are twenty-five days until Christmas.  I'm going to find a fun DIY project for you every day until then, and perhaps (if the clouds would just clear and give me some photographably useful light) post the whatnot garland that will soon hang from the wall of our living room.

For today, I took a little adventure to Nice Package and came across these...

babalisme: Art Swap : Continued

{if the picture doesn't show, click on that little blue box with the question mark.  I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment}

I believe these darling little ziploc bags would be too fun to replicate as an easy and personalized way to deliver edible Christmas gifts.  I'll be trying my hand at one later, though I believe it may end up on my desk as a storage option. Most baked goods don't make past C. or me.

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