Sunday, November 7, 2010

slow sunday.

-finished Snow Falling on Cedars

-started foundations of language paper

-wrote annotated bibliography for said paper

-cleaned up my virtual desktop (maybe I should take on the real one)

-thought about sewing (maybe I will)

(the background is from Oh, Hello Friend, available for download)

Do you ever pause and think of just how interesting language is?  It's this great big complex system through which we somehow communicate, full of meaning and purpose and depth and yet so arbitrary, for words, speech, and grammar are constructed.  We could decide, suddenly, to develop a whole new system.  I could begin blogging in a new set of symbols, signs, a new vocabulary, and still mean the same thing, even if you did not understand it.  Does that just strike anyone else as thoroughly incredible and moderately incomprehensible?

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