Friday, August 20, 2010

It's this time of year

the freshman are moving in and my life is about to dissolve into chaos!
I was hoping to post more, but then I realized that I'll be working 50+ hours next week between famvid and student records. If you need me, well, I'm the one at the desk in the corner of the office. I have a window--thank goodness!--and I'll be stocking up on the coffee.

I can't wait for my linguistics class to start. I am also glad that, once again, I don't have to go through a move-in with all the stuff in this shot! I remember trying to fit it all into my civic. It always took two carloads plus a borrowed suv (for the futon) to actually move all my stuff in. Maybe if I had a bigger car it would've been easier?

Either way, I like being settled well before school starts...and not wondering about who last lived in my room too much.

p.s. The College of William and Mary was once my dream school...oh, to be in their English program!

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