Monday, August 30, 2010

of styles and bibliophiles

Etsy's The Storque regularly features wonderful artists.  I love the Q and A--this particular seamstress calls herself a bibliophile!  We bibliophiles must always show support for each other. :)

{by Minx Shop. I really love this skirt.}

I've noticed more and more through blogs like The Storque that many crafters and artists not only share a taste for visual and physical aesthetics, but design-influenced taste in books--the thoughtful, odd, novel, innovative, vintage, etc.

In some ways, I see a well-crafted plot much like a well-crafted object; both must have that voice, that style, that unnameable something to set themselves apart as a work of creativity and art.

I also like when words and design merge like so:

{by luna clay design}

or like this...


p.s. check out this link, too: loveliness on flickr

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Minkie said...

Hello darling! Saw your post on Hello Friend, and followed it here. I wanted to let you know that I do custom work for vegans all the time using other fabric types besides, wool, and I would be happy to accommodate you as well. <3

Good luck with possibly winning the certificate, and thank so much for the thoughtful blog post!

Love + adventure