Tuesday, July 5, 2011

reading (and writing) the unprinted word

Sometimes I feel a little silly for blogging.  This happens for a few reasons.  Do I have anything worthwhile to say?  Why would I think that anyone would want to read what I have to talk about?  My current life is not exciting, folks.  It would make a pretty dull autobiography.  It's happy, sure, but not incredibly interesting.  I've written and thought about this before and I always come to the conclusion that I keep blogging just because I like it.  I mostly ignore the fact that I only have a few dozen page views per day (actually, I get a little excited to think that a few dozen people have actually clicked their way over to read what I write every day).

So I was a bit tickled and surprised to discover a few extra visitors last week, who I soon discovered were sent here by the Liebster award Kimbirdy passed along.  I was in the middle of a week that was busy and decently stressful and she truly made my day.  Someone likes reading my silly little blog and thinks other people would, too!

The next part of the award is to pass it along to four other blogs with fewer than 300 followers that you think deserve to be read, and I know a few.  For the most part, they're way ahead of me on the whole having-followers/daily-readers game, but I'll send you to them, anyway!

1. Pink Argyle, by Mo
3. Mo Pie, Please, by Meagan
4. What Made You Smile Today, curated by Mandy

In creating this post, I discovered three main things that hook me as a reader: great pictures, DIY projects or tasty recipes, and anything smile-inducing.  You get bonus points if you live in the midwest or midsouth.  And if you write about books?  I'm your best friend and the first to comment.

What do you like to read?


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Thanks for the award, Katie! I love your blog and love reading about your life :) So glad I found your blog in this big ole world of ours!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Sometimes I feel the same way..but there is a blog out there for EVERYONE!! Keep it up girl!

XO Lindsay

kimbirdy said...

oh good! i'm so glad some more people made their way over to your corner of blogland, and that i was able to make your day. you definitely deserve to be discovered! off to check out your own recommendations now.