Monday, July 18, 2011

Writerly Travels: The Emily Dickinson Museum

This Monday morning, I'd like to start a new series.  Since sometime in high school, I've had this little dream of a road trip through the northeast US that would explore the different homes and locations in which many of my favorite authors composed their works.  The highlight of the trip, for me, would be visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum and seeing the room in which she composed many of her poems, possibly even the one that inspired my blog's title (you can click on "The Poem" button in my sidebar to read it).

Since I can't really pull off the trip right now, I've been perusing the museum's site and getting a good virtual look-around at the homestead and the grounds.  This only makes me want to travel even more, of course, but I'll keep reading anyway.  Do you want to take a look?

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of visiting Dickinson's homestead is the knowledge that she hardly left it as an adult.  How could she write a poem that spoke so deeply to me that I've inscribed it in journals multiple times, named a blog (of all things!) for a phrase in its last line, and memorized it the first time I read it, five or six years ago?  How could she have enduring insights into the human soul as well as an ironic sense of humor, unlike many poets of her time, that still entertains readers today?  I believe she must have had the deepest and truest relationships with the people she allowed in her life and that she must have been more willing to look inside herself and explore her own humanity than the ordinary person.  I want to explore the grounds of the home in which she wrote.  Perhaps there, I could gain some insight into her work and maybe even a little clue about how I could create a space in which I could write something beautiful and lasting.

What authors do you love?  Is there an author's home you'd like me to explore or one that you've visited and would like to share?  


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

What a great idea! Some of the places that would be on my list would be homes of authors whose works I cherished as a child (Laura Ingalls Wilder and Louisa May Alcott, to name a few). I'd also like to meet the author of my favorite novel, These Is My Words, someday. She lives in Arizona and does book signings quite often--now I just need to make it out there myself :)

Aimee said...

The pictures are so intriguing. What a great idea!

Mo Pie, Please said...

She has always been an interesting historical figure/poet/person to me. To be a recluse is weirdly fascinating to me and I love that she means so much to you! Awesome post.

Torie said...

That's amazing! What a fun time and a meaningful experience. Seriously, a trip like that sounds like something I should put somewhere in my future plans. Getting actively involved in writing and what it means to me would be such an awesome experience. I'm glad you're getting to have it! :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty jealous that you were able to go there - she was and is one of my favorites! Her quote "I dwell in possibility" is my personal motto :)