Sunday, October 10, 2010

interruptions :: weekly thoughts.

I've promised posts and thought of things and altered my little purses and come again to the same realization I've posted before...I'm making things for all the wrong reasons.  I'm not making things for the pleasure of making or for the joy of giving them away.

So I'm going to close up Etsy except for the Stone's Throw section.  That section needs to remain.  And I'm going to tell people about A Stone's Throw, so maybe we can do something to continue the fund-raiser!

& as I get ready for grad school, maybe even next semester, I'm going to focus my creative energy into a project for the benefit of others--namely, a cause I feel very strongly about that relates directly to A Stone's Throw/Rapha House, but provides shelter and help to girls here in the US.  I'll post about it once I find out if it could even happen...for now, I'd just like to know how many of my readers (aka my family and a couple dear friends!) would be up for making at least one pillowcase sometime before December.

Anyway, my brain is overloaded with GRE prep (disappointing practice test results this morning...), so please pardon my lack of eloquence and coherent thought.  I think I'm going to go browse a bit of Dottie Angel (because she rocks) and think about pretty things until my brain starts to unexplode.

or maybe I should do the laundry...




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