Monday, October 25, 2010

the little bit of crafting

I've been busy.

family, school, work, travel, and a very exciting opportunity for Cory that we're hoping to hear more about soon...

but I've snuck in a little bit of yarn and a crochet hook and, in spite of the fact that I know nothing in crocheting besides laying the foundation chain, I've gotten almost halfway through a rather fun garland.  I bought the yarn on clearance for ninety cents last spring, and I think I'm getting a bit more mileage out of it than I expected.  My few yarn purchases tend to linger in a box for ages and ages.  This is record ball of yarn to project time for me.

I'd post a real picture taken with my real camera but...the phone works, and it's fast, and I'm supposed to be researching a paper for linguistics.  I just need to choose a subject first.

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Brandi said...

Things can get so hectic -- I'm glad to hear you found a little time for crafting. Keep looking for those little pieces of time here and there.