Wednesday, October 12, 2011


While walking out of the grocery store last night, I spotted an ad on the ground in the parking lot.  It had some surprisingly good words, so I took them and stuck them on a picture.

I didn't read the rest because I didn't want to know what it was for--it had one of those fill-out-and-reply forms on it, and I feared it would be for something concrete and definitely mundane.  I also wonder if maybe someone else would see it and grab onto that thought for a moment.  

At this moment, I'm not sure what dreams I want to reach for.  A few of them are vying for my reach, but I'm actually pretty content with the moment I'm living in, between specific dreams while still always reaching for an intangible, ineffable dream of the way my life will be, regardless of its details.  This simple contentment with the present is something I should always dream of and reach for.

That's my photo but I don't remember taking it.  I found it between other photos planned for something two years ago.  I believe it was a happy accident.  I know finding it amongst the few pictures still on my laptop was.


Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

yes yes! reaching for dreams while being content with the present.

Jamie said...

It's beautiful Katie :)

kimbirdy said...

that's an amazing quote and i love what a romantic heart you have to not look at the rest of the paper. :) it's easy to say "oh sure, i'm reaching for my dreams. i'm living a great life in the big city, i have lots of friends, and i'm doing well in my career." but that's just the easy answer. the honest, and extremely difficult to admit answer is that i have a huge roadblock in my life with my OCD and GAD. i struggle with so much anxiety on a daily basis within the walls of my own home, that it builds confining walls around my life as a whole. i wish i could be free from it all, and as a therapist, i know that many people like me do find freedom after doing the work, but it's so. much. work. work that i'm not fully taking on. thank you for writing about all of this and giving me some really good thinking prompts. i may not have found that piece of paper in real life, but i'm glad i came across those words here in blogland.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Sometimes I want so much I can't breathe, so much that I almost come to a standstill because I don't know how to grab it all. And then I breathe and I bring myself back to the moment and I realize how wonderfully happy I am and that the right doors will open at the the right times for all of my dreams.

I really love how you just found those words on the street.