Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things

I am grateful for...

...little terriers who just can't bear to be alone when it thunders (and stopping at my parents' house just long enough to keep her company during the storm)...

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

...discovering that if you click the "history" category on Pinterest, it's basically a collection of nineties memories (with a healthy dose of eighties nostalgia, but I'm a bit young for most of it).  It's too bad that I'm too old for Book It!, because I got a lot of pizza as a kid, especially during my chapter-book-a-day phase...

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

...and I am grateful for (and really enjoying) apple pie for breakfast.  It's a tiny indulgence and a tiny slice, but oh so tasty with hot coffee to accompany it.  

But even more than these little things, I have something a bit bigger to be grateful for: my grandfather took his first steps with a prosthesis yesterday, and he will be bringing it home and start learning to walk again next week!  This is the biggest move towards finally being independent since the accident he was in over two years ago (which I briefly wrote about this summer).  

So what is making you smile today?  What are you grateful for?  


Sara C. said...

My cat and all his weird face expressions always make me smile.
Have a nice day
Sara C.

Jamie said...

Katie you make me smile :) p.s. you can use the email from my blog to give me the pinterest invite :)