Friday, October 7, 2011

Three Things

It's all about the blue.  Occasionally I have little deviations to yellow or green, but I always come back to blue.  I blame my mother and the blues that have always filled my family's home--cobalt glasses, a blue and ivory kitchen, and a collection of blue-splattered stoneware.

Last time I wrote about the color blue and my little love for it (and aqua hues, too), I got some really cool comments.  I especially liked the thought Kim shared: blue is a reliable and trustworthy color.  It's friendly, it's comfortable, and it's calm.  I've recently discovered a love for navy that has finally returned four years after I work an unflattering box-pleated navy skirt with a polo for the last time.  Navy has everything I love about blues in general, but adds a little bit more class.

I think I need a blue, actually, I think I need another blue dress, a pair of navy tights, and the right short of shoes (but I don't know what that would be.  Thoughts?).

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!  My husband is getting home tomorrow night and we're spending the weekend house/dog sitting for my parents...and studying.  I have fall break on Monday and Tuesday and Cory is heading out of town for job training, so you might actually hear from me. 


Laura said...

That first dress is SO cute! I love blue things too!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

lovely dresses. i am anything BUT blue lol i'm all about the earthy tones.

enjoy your weekend!

Kim W. said...

pretty dresses!!! :) i like the second one... so cute! have a good weekend too!!! xxkim

Jamie said...

I so wish you were coming to visit me on your long weekend!! Someday... :)