Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Eats

I've learned from experience that the blogosphere is an excellent source of advice, so I'm asking for some.

Since sometime during my freshman year of college, about four years ago, I've had continually-worsening lactose intolerance.  Milk was the first to go, then ice cream, then regular cream in my morning coffee, then most cheeses, and now I can't even eat a few ounces of a low-lactose content cheese without feeling icky the next day.  This is a bit of a problem, because almost every recipe I make regularly involves some kind of cheese.  I'm running short on ideas now!

That, dear blog friends, is where you come in: I need to build up a new repertoire of dairy-free recipes.  I'm pinning some here, but I'm picky.  It has to be easy, not use too many dishes and pans to make, and satisfy two rather large appetites.

Do you have any favorite recipes that don't involve dairy products?  Or know any websites with good vegan meals?  Or have any particular favorite dairy substitutes?  Any ideas would be great!


Belly B said...

Hmm.. I don't do much cooking, but I have a friend who's lactose intolerant as well, and she just substitutes soy milk for anything that requires milk. I feel your pain though! Does that mean you can't have pizza anymore? :(

Belly B

Clara Turbay said...


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I like to kind of make up my own recipes a lot so I can't give you measurements as much as an ingredient list and a "do what you feel" directive.
Start by experiementing with new vegetables and spices. Spices can make the world of difference in your food. The same meal day after day can be totally transformed by spices!
My own pasta sauce/sauce-I-bake-on-anything:
1 can tomatoes
coarsely chopped kale (or spinach or a mix of both!)
chopped bell pepper (red or green is really good for this)
chopped something from the onion or garlic family.
Heat your skillet (I use a wok actually) on medium heat. Once the pan is warm, add under a tablespoon of olive oil and allow to get warm (but not too hot).
Add kale and onion/garlic veggie. Allow kale to wilt.
Add canned tomatoes (juice and all) and peppers. Cook down and add spices as needed. I like to add salt, pepper, and some kind of grillers spice meant for steak.

When cooked down to your liking, add on top of cooked pasta or chicken or meatballs.. Whatever you like!

Some nice additions are mushrooms and basil.

... said...

Sounds like a lactose-free recipe book should be on your Christmas list!

Katie's Mom said...

Shall I find you a new recipe book?