Saturday, December 4, 2010

christmas whatnot banner: the results

inspired by Dottie Angel's banner of Christmas glee (as previously posted here)

These pictures are deceptively light.  It's really been an icky gray and chilly day outside.  Inside, though, I've been hanging up Christmas cheer, more of which you will see tomorrow.  I do hope that the sun comes out, but alas, I think winter gray is going to hang over us for a few more days at least.


Tif said...

hurrah for your little garland of whatnot glee! i love the snowflake stitching along the red string, most peachy indeed :)

katie bee said...

oo, thank you! I feel like a celebrity has posted on my blog. :) and I just love that stitch. I got a sewing machine for my birthday (my old beloved one had died) with a bunch of excellent preprogrammed stitches like that. They're so lovely.