Wednesday, December 15, 2010

holiday DIY of the day #14: can't forget the stockings!

I cannot believe I got this far into Christmas projects without Christmas stockings.  C. and I don't have a fireplace, but I do believe we need some stockings in our little place.  We could hang them above the microwave, or below the vents (I mean, heat comes out of those places, right?).  Our parents still have our stockings, and we'll be visiting each for Christmas, but there really should be something here in the meantime...

These stockings are too adorable.  They remind me of my childhood days in Wauwatosa, the days in which I was obsessed with all things Swedish (thank you, American Girl dolls) and even celebrated St. Lucia's Day.  My ever-crafty mom even made me a St. Lucia's Day dress of white cotton, which got passed along to friends and cousins and still exists somewhere, I'm sure.

Now, back to the DIY, here it is!  I found the pattern through Dottie Angel's link to Whipup.  I haven't gotten through much of Jenny's site yet, but I think you'll enjoy the bright colors and jolly nature, even if it is a bit overwhelming for neutral-hue-loving folks like myself.  Everyone needs a bit of brightness in their day, no?

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