Thursday, December 30, 2010

at present

This is how I feel.

{via the angry knitter, with whom I totally sympathize}

I have the needles (size 15).  I have the yarn (super soft boucle). I have the pattern.  But I can't do a purl stitch to save my life.  I've watched two videos and read five sets of instructions and really just need someone to show me how (Oma, want to make a trip to my little town?  I know you know how to knit like no other!  Kat, you can come, too) to actually do these stitches.

Or someone can come and tell me that I'm crazy to attempt an intermediate level project when I a) don't know a purl stitch and b) can't even knit a full scarf without randomly dropping stitches.  I suppose I'm hoping that if I take on a project to make something I'd actually like to make (a wrap), then I'll actually finish it, something else I am notorious for not being able to do.  Oh, yes, I can be an angry knitter.

I do believe this is why my mother told me never to start a new type of craft after nine at night.

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