Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas

It is Christmas again.  All the gifts are wrapped (almost), the food is made, and we have the treat of snow on the ground (first time in years here).  It's cold and it's bright for a day of joy.

I approached today thinking of all the fun of watching everyone open my gifts, and eating piles of delicious food, and, well, opening a few presents myself (motivated somewhat by curiosity, I do have to say).  I am now thinking how lucky I am for this last year.  My family has grown by the addition of my in-laws, my husband has a great job to start as soon as he graduates, I've graduated and have a job, and my life is full of love and loved ones.  Today, perhaps more than on Thanksgiving, I am grateful, because for some, this holiday is full of sorrow.  I ask that you keep an old friend of mine in your prayers; she and her family were in a horrible car accident.  They lost someone they love and suffered many injuries, and they will all be spending some time in the hospital.  Pray they will have peace; or, if you don't pray, please just hope.

Give great hugs to all that you love, and cherish those moments of joy when they open a gift that tells them you love them and were thinking of them.  Today is to be treasured.

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