Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blue Phase

Somewhere around the blogosphere, I saw someone mention that she was in a blue phase.  At first, I thought she meant a melancholy time, but she was actually talking about a love for shades of blue.

Well, I guess I'm in a blue phase.  Actually, it's more of an aqua/turquoise phase.  It started with the color Cory chose for our wedding (from a rather broad selection I gave him; I'm horribly indecisive).  It then turned out to be the top color pick that year, according to Martha Stewart Weddings.  But it hasn't gone away yet.  I was searching Etsy today for a just-right hair accessory, which always happens when my hair gets long enough to be worn up and I have time to kill, and I discovered that many of my favorites are in variations of the exact same hue.

{dress by bayousalvage}

{necklace by verabel}

{clipboard by Box64 Studios}

Oddly, though, I don't own a lot of things in this color.  I tend to buy only neutrals, to the point that my closet is incredibly dull.  Perhaps I need more than just a cute hair clip, no?  

I had a whole meditation in mind to go with this, on the psychology of my wardrobe choices, but a) I don't really know a ton about psychology and b) this post has gotten long enough.  Maybe I'll write it on Monday.  Maybe not, since that's the day I start grad school.  Yikes!  Where did the summer go?  Oh, and if you know where that line about a blue phase came from, would you tell me?  Thanks!


kimbirdy said...

i love blue too! that's pretty much most of what i own. i try my hardest to add plums, greys, and browns into my wardrobe, but i always come with blue things. i have synesthesia, so for me it's less about the psychology of it, and more about the personality and trustworthiness of the color blue. blue and i get along famously and it's one of my dearest friends.

grad school starts monday? woohoo!!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm perpetually in a blue phase. It's my favorite color and definitely dominates my wardrobe and decorating plans for every room. Something about that color always feels right to me. (And I love how Kim said blue is trustworthy. I think she's right on.)