Thursday, June 30, 2011

June, lately

Instead of searching for a home without knowing where we want to live and what we want in a house (and for how much money), my husband and I decided to store half our stuff and move the rest into the walk-out basement apartment at my grandparent's house.

Although we ended up here as a matter of necessity on our part, it has been a blessing to us and my grandparents both.  You see, just a little over two years ago, my grandfather was in a horrible car accident, a mix-up that occurred in early morning hours when visibility is poor.  His Subaru's side airbags saved his life, but his legs were badly injured.  His right leg healed; the fractures were minimal, though the bruising was significant.  His left leg, though, was crushed.  Over two years' worth of doctor's visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, and loads of stress, they tried to get the bone to heal in his left leg.  However, after a particularly frightening infection recently, they decided that an amputation was the best choice.  He's going to regain mobility and finally be able to heal completely.  The surgery went well and he'll be in rehab within a week.  

Cory and I are here at just the right time; my grandmother needs the extra hands around the house and my husband needs a quiet place to study.  We needed a place to live while we look for a more permanent home and wait for jobs and school to start.  

This is how we ended up here, in this home.  

I love that our need for a home directly compliments Oma and Papa's need for companionship and assistance in their house, and that the members of our family are able to care for each other this way.

I also don't mind finally having a beautiful yard to look out on and occasionally walk through.  The garden is gorgeous enough that even my shaky camera skills can look pretty awesome.  Thanks for all of your encouragement and positivity yesterday, and thank you Kimbirdy for the shout-out on your blog!  You truly made my day!

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KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

That's great that you are able to spend that time with your grandparents!

Wishing your grandpa a swift and complete recovery!!