Monday, June 6, 2011

gray and yellow

I have an obsession gray and yellow.
You can see what I'm wearing.

I'm planning out a knit and embroidered blanket in yarns in these shades.

Gray + Yellow

And I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to the combo.  Throw in a little bit of cream, an sprinkle of robin's egg blue, and the occasional chocolate brown and/or military green, and I think you'll get my favorite colors.  

I took on my clothes.  I won.  It's done.  I just need to track down a sweet little black dress and a pair of slim (I hate saying skinny) jeans.  I mean, there are other things, sure, but those are the two things that will fill it out nicely.  Oh, and a little silver or gray and/or metallic shrug would be great to have, that way I can keep my always-cold self warm yet stylish when I wear that little black dress.
That's the plan, anyway. 
I'm not shopping for anything else unless I find a nice little sweater.

I hit a craft fair this weekend and it was surprisingly great!  I'll upload the pictures on Wednesday.  I'm taking off the internet tomorrow because the man is taking a day off of studying!  Hooray!  Are there enough exclamation marks here?  

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