Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wardrobe revamp: making plans

Back in high school, maybe even in middle school, I noticed a tendency in my own habits: when I am nervous about a new phase in life or a new place to go--generally, from middle to high school to college and now to graduate school--I think rather heavily about what I will wear in each of those places.  In middle and high school, it was easy; we wore horrifically unflattering uniforms (box pleat skirts, polos, and oxfords).  Nowadays, it's not so simple as choosing a khaki, navy, or plaid skirt and a blue, red, or white polo or oxford.  I never thought I'd think this way, but I actually miss the simplicity of an entirely interchangeable wardrobe.  I've been trying to compile one lately, and I think I've got most of it set up with these sets on polyvore, keeping track of what I already own.

I want to go in with a plan.  In order to fill out the gaps in my wardrobe--or, at least, the one I am planning--I'll need to make some purchases.  But instead of picking whatever is cheap, regardless of how much I like it and how well it'll work with other things, I'm going in with a plan and the intent to purchase quality items that will last for years, like all of these.

I can't really afford all of them, so I'll do some secondhand searching and a little bit of buying at Target and the like--after all, I have tops from Target that I've been wearing upwards of five or six years, and they're still in good shape.

The next step, once I go through my clothes, is figuring out the best thing to do with the extras.  I don't want to dump it all someplace where it'll just get thrown out and I don't think much of it could be sold.

Left to right: lightweight voile popover shirt, sailor popover shirt, paper bag skirt, the scholar satchel, ruffle shrug, t-strap heels, gathered-neck tee, easy-care blouselinen henley, lightweight cotton sweater, cotton gathered skirt, flat front chinos, slim fit jeans


Mo said...

I often daydream of what I would wear if x, y or z happened, so I can totally relate! When I made the transition from college to the workplace, it was a slow one, but slowly I weened myself off of those college sweatshirts.
I hear you on the quality--right now, I'm needing a good pair of black pants, some new heeled boots, and a pair of summer sandles to last me through August.

kimbirdy said...

oh yes! i'm totally there with you on the whole "oo, what kind of wardrobe will i need for this next phase of life?!" it's a lot of fun isn't it? you do have to be careful though, because a lot of really expensive clothes at popular stores fall apart almost instantly. everything i've ever gotten at j. crew & anthropologie have fallen apart within a matter of weeks, whereas my h&m clothes have lasted for years. land's end is amazing though and i love that they now have super cute younger gal clothes {and not just mom clothes}.

what a lovely blog you have here!