Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Let me warn you now that I'm a little verbose today.  Will you stay with me?

You might have noticed that today is the last day in May.  Remember this post, when I said I wouldn't be buying anything until at least the end of the month?  How I have too much stuff?


I pretty much made it.  I bought some yarn on an impulse (but cheaply!).  It's actually more of a type I already have, but they're going to discontinue the color and I needed more for the project, so I suppose it was kind of justified, even if I have a bit of guilt.  I didn't save a lot of money because of gifts I purchased and because of necessities, like gas.  I also bought some running clothes because I don't have any that fit and I desperately need to exercise, but I used a gift card for those.

Purging the Closet

So I'm content, but I think I need to push myself a little more.  I laughed at this old post from Heart of Light (yes, I did search for and read through people's old posts from the hiatus after I first heard of it), because it's so much like me.  I love some of my clothes and possessions for reasons I don't always remember--some association of emotion but not always memory--and I'll be ridiculously sentimental about giving things up.  My friend Beth passed along some advice and a resource that I'm going to try when I'm in "my own" home again, so I do have a plan to take on this monster.

my apartment (alcove): dressing area

Once I get back to Louisville and all.my.stuff. (ugh), I'm going to sort, clean, simplify, and reduce my wardrobe to what will fit in one closet.  I want to make it so everything can be coordinated with everything (almost, anyway), so I quit making so many goofy not-quite-right outfits.

Then I'll shop for what I need to fill in the gaps.

After that?

I'm done shopping again for a month.

Photos link back to their sources.  I found them via the pretty organized flickr pool, a very effective way to get inspired to organize!

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Megan Taylor said...

WOW! Your closet project seems like something I need to do. I want to get things in order, get rid of old stuff I don't wear so that I can highlight the beautiful things that get hidden! Thanks for your post today - definitely got me thinking...