Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a crafty new arrival!

a prettier picture shall come when my camera's battery charges.


katherine said...

shoot, that's already a pretty picture. you lucky person you.

katie bee said...

hey, my old pfaff said "I don't like you and I will jam every time you touch me!" and then it said "I will not sew one stitch for you at all!" and so my mom provided me with a wonderful birthday present. Hooray for a refurbished machine bought on e-bay!

roe said...

One side of me looked to the other side of me and asked:

"Is she talking to YOU?!"

Haha, your compliments were so wonderful and encouraging, it was easier to sweep them aside than accept them. Thank you so much, I'm so honored. Most of the time I get so frustrated that I'm not being social-justicey enough, that I want to call the whole blog-thing off. Thanks for sending me a word of love through the interwebs.

::clicks tongue:: We have so much to talk about.You're a humanities major?! We're best friends. I'm not asking. I'm telling you (^_~). What are you going to Grad School for?? And is preparing for it as scary as everyone says? (@_@)

katie bee said...

I can't decide what to go to grad school for:). Preparing for it's not so bad, not yet...I'm mostly trying to finish up my BA in English, filled with a good number of classes in the humanities, all of which I love and all of which seem too interconnected for me to pick just one field of study...I think I'll go to grad school for an MA in English with a linguistics/TESOL concentration. But that's just what I'm thinking right now.
And that compliment is very much deserved!