Monday, September 13, 2010

a before and after.

I spotted this on my way home from work at the university today:

(sad, tired out headboard)

I was lucky.  It's super lightweight and short enough that I could slide it into the trunk of my civic coupe, with the back seats flipped forward, of course, just steadily enough to drive the tenth of a mile (or less?) home.  I cleaned it off and brought it inside.

Yesterday, my family came to visit.  My mom, sister, and I went over to Peddler's Mall just for the fun of it.  I picked up a roll of wallpaper in a nice Waverly print to use for paper crafts.  So when I brought this sorry headboard upstairs, I had a thought and here's what happened...

With that and some bed raisers, we have a new headboard.  It didn't have a way to bolt in--that part had broken off at some point--so I have it wedged into the bed raisers and stuck felt furniture pads on the back so it won't damage the wall.  I need to touch up the paper a little bit, but overall, I think this turned out very well for a roadside trash find, a dollar roll of wallpaper, and twenty minutes this afternoon.


Julia Beran the MOM said...

Amazing! I used to find the nicest stuff in Shorewood on Lake drive. Remember the bench that the Sullivans have now and the old ping pong table? I am so happy you inherited the finders gene.

Kimberly said...

How great, now you have a cute headboard to boot!

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