Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the wearable book

Today's post comes courtesy of best-friend-Kat.

Jeremy May creates these rings from many, many sheets of paper all laminated together.  But don't be disenchanted by the word "laminate," for this isn't your average kindergarten-wall-decoration laminating.


{by littlefly}

In fact, I saw the images of the rings before I read how they are made, and was rather shocked that they were laminated.  I love that you can see just snippets of the letters, too, in the midst of the color, capturing both the thought that went into the writing of the book and the creation of the ring.

This lovely was created from Pride and Prejudice. Though I can't deny my own equivocation about cutting up a book--a book!--that I love dearly, I still love the idea of wearing a ring made from a volume of one of my favorite novels.  It would be a wonderful way to make use of an old and tattered volume, wouldn't it?

Head over here to learn more and see where they're sold on the other side of the Atlantic.

Perhaps I was born on the wrong continent.

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