Friday, September 3, 2010

ventures into the not-really-blogosphere :: Chronicle Books

Any frequent blog reader has probably come across Chronicle Books on at least a few of their favorite blogs.  I own only a few books from this independent publisher, but I would love to have so many more!  Each volume is well-designed and many of my favorite blogs (see the blogroll on the right sidebar) have published with them or recommend their books.

If you read my wedding blog, you may (but probably won't, since it was about five months ago) remember these curtains...

They were created with a homemade stencil (hooray for fun foam!) of a design from this lovely book:

{for sale here}

They certainly brighten our living room, I think, and filter the light nicely.

Here's a few snapshots of their website with some featured titles.  Don't you love the design?

I love having an excuse to scour the internet for book-related anything.

Hooray for the almost weekend!  I'll have one more bookish post tomorrow and then it'll be back to normal...if I can resist posting about books every single day!

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