Friday, January 14, 2011

a little snow, a little sun, and a lot of fun

This week has surely been a busy one!  We took a trip to Lexington for the good old yearly doctorly check-ups, and C. went to a UK game with my dad, sister, and cousin, while I hung out with my mom.  We hit Joseph-Beth, Target, and my favorite Coffee Times Coffeehouse, and had lots of chatting over tea and coffee and Moe's burritos (not all at the same time).

I caught a pretty bit of snow outside my window at work, when it was falling fresh on the trees.  A cluster of robins filled the trees, and I paused from sorting through ten year old files to enjoy the stillness--and snap a little photo.  If it weren't for privacy concerns, I'd probably bring my camera along to work to catch moments like this.  Cold air may sometimes seem to leak through the corners of these old windows, but I do think the pretty little view, limited though it may be, is worthwhile--especially when I have the space heater turned on.

Have a beautiful weekend~

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