Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY :: "not your grandmother's doily" shirt

I, like the creator of this project, occasionally pick up doilies from thrift shops.  I've made purses from them, remember?  Well, here's another way to use them, and it's pretty clever.  In fact, this might be a project I'll actually do, rather than just post, once I find the right doily to use.

{Image from Trey and Lucy}

So, pop on over to Trey and Lucy, and try this project for yourself.  Then take a look at the great collection of craft tutorials Tanya had posted.


Katharina said...

Great minds think alike!
The day you wrote this, I went to the Red Barn Antique mall. While I was there, I picked up two crocheted doilies for you that would be perfect for this project!

katie bee said...

fun stuff! Cory and I will be in this weekend for the Superbowl festivities. Will we see you guys?