Friday, January 28, 2011

still winter...

but I'm thinking a bit about spring style.  Have you seen Ruche's newest lookbook?  I've been wearing layers upon layers for too long now, trying to keep my perpetually cold self warm (it's a losing battle), so weather just warm enough to wear leggings and skirts again sounds just dreamy.  Wearing only one layer of long sleeves sounds pretty heavenly as well.


{from the neutral palette selection on Ruche}

I have a white linen dress, but wouldn't have thought to wear it with a cardigan like that.

{from the mix and match selection on ruche}

This striped dress and belted look is adorable, too.  The cardigan (oh, how I love cardigans) is darling.  I wonder if it could be work-wearable with the right pair of leggings?  I suppose tights would work too, but I definitely prefer leggings.  How do stylish people manage to always look, well, stylish?  And how do they know what matches?  I think I missed some fashionable gene.  But eh, no big deal.  Wearing my comfy jeans pretty much always wins over the stylish ones I do own...somewhere in my closet...I think I'll go read a book instead. *wink*


whiterosereborn said...

hm. and the kindred spirits appear once again! The fashion gene in our so stunningly-similar genetic lineup must have been switched out at the last moment with some kind of proud-to-be-a-reading-nerd gene. miss you!

Katharina said...

Just want to let you know I read each of your blog entries. It's a nice way to know what's happening with you You write beautifully.