Saturday, January 8, 2011

a saturday morning how-to

Good morning--or, well, afternoon, but if I'm still in my pajamas, can I call it morning?

Last weekend, I had a flurrying moment of creative cleaning.  It didn't last long, and the results are limited, but I'm going to share them with you here in a little project.  All you need is a rectangular piece of fabric, probably around a foot wide and maybe a yard long, a sewing machine, and some sort of drawstring (I used a piece of cotton ribbon that had once wrapped the kitchen towels from our wedding registry).  For the fabric, I used a perfectly shabby chic table runner that I picked up for a dollar.

After a little fun in powerpoint, since I don't have photoshop or anything awesome like that, I put together a picture tutorial.  Here you go!

here's mine hanging out in the kitchen in which it is impossible to get good lighting...

I have the weekend off (hooray!), so there might be some more crafting coming up, like a birthday present for someone who is about to turn sixteen...but I guess I can't post that until she receives it ;).


p.s. You can click on the images and I they will get a bit larger so the font is easier to read.

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Julia Beran the MOM said...

I have made a similar bag before. I love the use of the table runner.