Sunday, January 30, 2011

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It's the thing.  I once heard that Audrey Hepburn kept her home with all white walls.  I see it everywhere.  Design*Sponge featured a white themed round-up.  White rooms always show up on SFGirlByBay, like this one last week.  While I was browsing a post on Decor8, C. commented that the space featured was "too white."

In spite of how much I liked the project created in that post, I had to agree with him that time; a lot of light space is nice and airy, and that home is gorgeously decorated, but there's something about a less bare space that I like.  Somehow, in spite of liking the clean feel of modern spaces, I find them cold.

{"strange room" by Mazzuk on Flickr}

When it comes to lightness in a space, I prefer something along these lines (also from Decor8).  Off-whites, yellows, soft greens, classic blues, all those colors are really what I love in a space.

{from Domino, found via The Domino Magazine Files on Flickr}

Someday, hopefully in the near future, C. and I will be moving into a real house, a home, and we will be painting and decorating and creating a space that is ours--this time, one that we don't have a security deposit that we may not get back if we put too many holes in the wall.  It'll be ours.  It'll be a whole lot of work and time and commitment, but it's still quite fun to think about how we can create the space that we will live in.

What do you think of white spaces?

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