Friday, February 18, 2011

for the home

While browsing the internet, I find such lovely spaces.  I imagine what my home could be like, knowing all the while that as much as I love old homes with a wabi-sabi aesthetic, owning one is neither wise nor probable at this current phase in my life.  Still, I do think our someday-home will be slowly but surely filled with found pieces, meaningful art, and plenty of handmade bits.

I'd love to find a piece like this one from CherryMenLove (which my bestest friend Kat shared with me), or like this one, only piled with a soft mattress and pillows and probably covered in books.
{by larajanepark on flickr, who has some other beautiful photos, by the way}

This bed is awfully pretty, too.

{by NathanaelB on Flickr, whose photostream shows some pretty interesting looking travel!}

I'd love a library as well, but with an enormous sofa instead of chair like the ones here (not quite my style, I'm afraid).

I'd have a china cabinet full of new pieces like this...

...and there'd be a bunch of older pieces, like the turquoise pyrex set I picked up at Peddler's Mall a year or so ago, and there'd be the new and lovely set of cups and saucers my aunt gave me at Christmas, and I think they'd all be in something like this...

I might stick a whimsy shelf like this in a corner.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have a ridiculously gorgeous and perfectly lovely home, if I don't get carried away by a few too many whims and fancies that have no hope of matching (as I am quite prone to doing).

House-hunting tomorrow...I'll let you know how it goes!

Can I live here, though, please?

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