Friday, February 25, 2011

a tidy workspace



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In the office, I'm pretty good at keeping my space neat.  Right now, it's a different story while I sort through archives, but at home, it's another story.  I try, I really do, but I'm not  so good at organizing.  Owning a dresser and a closet bigger than a suitcase (I do exaggerate a wee bit on the closet space here) would be great, but as long as we live in apartments, storage will be limited, which makes my right-brained self even less able to keep tidy.

So I always find neat and organized creative spaces to be amazing.  Like, do people actually live that cleanly? sort of amazing.  I'm sure C. wishes I was a bit more neat, but hey mister, I wish you were a little more neat yourself.  Maybe we can learn from people who keep their houses so perfectly sorted.

(meanwhile, I partly hope that these people aren't quite so neat all the time, so I can feel a little better about the not-really-folded fabric and stacks of completely unsorted paper stuck in a plastic bin at present)

To see more organized and pretty creative spaces, check out my favorite-ed photos on Flickr here or look at the "Pretty Organized" group on Flickr.  Warning: you may feel an early spring cleaning coming on.

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