Thursday, February 17, 2011

ventures into the blogosphere: mackin ink

Have you ever read Mackin Ink?

{image posted on Mackin Ink, originally from Annabel Kassar}

It's fun, it's full of great stories, and Karey M. is an altogether enjoyable writer.  She posts all sorts of nothing-short-of-awesome images, and tells great stories about her three daughters.  This one, mackin ink: ricky..., is particularly laugh-inducing.  Children are so precious.  I go looking for good writing some days just for inspiration, and I don't remember how I got to Mackin Ink (probably reading about Alt Summit somewhere), and read through a bunch of posts.  You'll smile, I'm sure, and then want to go write a great big bundle of all your thoughts, good or bad, and everything that is honest.  It's some parts stream of consciousness, other parts planned humor, all parts inspiring.

Remind me to find a synonym for inspiring; I write it at least twice per post, I think.  Thoughts?

For now,

{from Solo Debrayes, which I posted about a few days ago here}

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