Friday, February 11, 2011

ventures into the blogosphere: book lovers never go to bed alone

book lovers never go to bed alone

{image found on the above mentioned site and originally, as far as I can tell, posted here}

I'm especially in love with this one, although it is merely a digital rendering--but still, it both terrifies (the height! the slope! the steepness!) and elates me (oh, the books!).  Isn't it gorgeous?  I can't post it because of the copyright, so click over yourself to take a look.  If you click on the image on the tumblr page, you can read about how it was created.  It feels like a bibliomaniac's dreamy happy place.

I'm super happy about this whole it's-the-weekend-thing.  I plan a bit of pre-valentine's day crafting (oh, yeah, it's on Monday, and I'm not sure I'm any more excited as an old married lady as I did as a perpetually single high schooler back in the day, especially since it's on Monday) and I'm watching 500 Days of Summer for the third (or fourth?) time.  I love this line: "Robyn...Robyn's better than the girl of my dreams.  She's real," spoken by the protagonist's best friend.  It ends up being sort of the final sentiment of the film, I think.  The soundtrack is pretty irresistible, too.  Regina Spektor? Feist? um, yes, good stuff.

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