Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy saturday

{image by Maja Maljković, found on WeHeartIt}

You should read this post on The Storque, then venture over to Yes, Honey Chyle and follow her link to this incredible and beautiful and ridiculous time-lapse film, take a look at these pictures of New York on Honestly...WTF, then venture on over to Dottie Angel where you will see, on this post, that I actually WON something.  No joke!  ME!  I laughed out loud (yes, C., that's why I laughed), went to work (till late), then went to browse the shop for which I now have a gift certificate, and oh-my-indeed it's full of fun vintage.  I'll be sharing a few things I love tomorrow.  For now, have a happy Saturday!


Katherine said...

You won on dottie angel?! I am so jealous! I sign up for those things all the time!! Good luck picking something!

katie bee said...

I know, right? I mean, I've entered about a billion of those things.

vintage by alex keller | the little toil of love said...

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