Monday, February 7, 2011

swapping (or, why I really need to learn to sew a straight line)

Hello, my name is Katie and I am a colossally inadequate Craftster swap buddy.

I am kind of sort of in awe of the generosity of my swap buddy.  She not only stitched this ridiculously adorable needlebook, but when we talked about swapping other supplies that we have sitting around, she sent me three, yes THREE awesome stamp sets. Super nice stamp sets. And she paid for the shipping for all three, which makes me a little in awe, since I winced at the price of sending my rather humble package of fabric and a few notions all the long way to Canada (of course, that might have had something to do with paying rent the same week?).

Anyway, my slightly-embarrassing effusions aside, here's what I received., thanks!!!!!!  My swap buddy was whats_her_name, who happens to be quite talented, and I guess I'm just a lucky duck today.  It was a super nice surprise after one of those classic crap Monday sort of workdays.  Also, how darling is that card? And how stinking clever to use a rubber stamp for an embroidery pattern as well?  It makes such sense!

p.s. ms. whats_her_name, if you happen to read this, I do hope my package gets to you quite soon, though it's not nearly as impressive.  I did try to pick things that went well with the sorts of projects you've posted before, though!

p.p.s. If I have the time and money this summer, I am going to both purchase a for-real camera and take a photography class so you no longer have to deal with my crappity-crap over/under/oddly exposed and randomly shiny with a tendency to blur photos.

p.p.s. I have been feeling exceptionally verbose lately.  Sorry.  Also, I am Katie-Bee on Craftster as well as in the rest of my life, in spite of now having a last name that starts with an S.

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Julia Beran the MOM said...

Sweet! Now you have another friend in Canada. Oh Canada!