Sunday, February 27, 2011

vintage by alex keller

Well, I shared about my little bit of wonderful luck yesterday and promised to share about the shop that provided the prize, which the terrific Dottie Angel was sweet enough to share (as if I didn't already have a million bajillion reasons to love her blog already), so here it is: Vintage by Alex Keller.

Alex describes her shop like this:
"Welcome to Vintage by Alex Keller, a curation of housewares & d├ęcor that Alex would want for herself. These items stay with her for a time, are rediscovered, & make their way to new homes."

She has a bunch of fun vintage block sets, like this one.

Then there's a bunch of housewares, like this clock and these mixing bowls.

Then I found this lovely handcrafted and intricately carved wooden lidded bowl.

Now, we're a bit crowded with our little bitty kitchen and complete lack of storage, so I know I can't go and collect a billion lovely things and fun older pieces, but I did pick a few, which I'll share upon their arrival at my mom and dad's house (hey, yeah, guys, I'm having it sent there because there's no good place to leave a box for us here).  For now, however, those little things are going to be kept solely to myself, partly for the fun of surprise, and partly because if I don't tell and I don't look at my little list of things, I'm bound to forget one or two (since I spent about two hours trying to decide on what I liked most), then be happily delighted when I open the box.

Alex also has a shop full of jewelry made from found objects.  I don't much care for bracelets, since I work on a computer most of the time and bracelets tap on the desk, which drives me crazy, but I can't help adoring this bracelet.

So you should really check out either or both of these shops, and check back later to see my choices.

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