Friday, April 8, 2011

interruptions :: wanderlusting; or, remembering where I've been and wanting to go somewhere new

It's been awhile since I traveled.  My husband and I went to Sanibel Island for our honeymoon almost a year ago (crazy!), and we were in Wisconsin for a reception with family and friends who couldn't travel to our wedding a week after that, but otherwise, our travel has only been between our hometowns and our current residence.  In my high school and college years, I traveled a lot--not the exotic vacation type of trips, but adventures with my family in the US and going across the Atlantic with my church.  I've been at English immersion youth camps in Poland and Romania and traveled with local churches doing some aid work in Kenya.  But the last time I travelled somewhere overseas was in 2007, and the last time I traveled somewhere completely new was in 2009.  I'm getting the itch to board a plane and see a place I've never been, but I don't have time or resources.  For now, I guess I'll soothe the itch with prolific pinning and meandering through my photos--and wishing I'd brought my scrapbooks with me from my parents' house.

Fagaras Mountains and Balea Lake, Romania 

Bucharest, Romania, 2006

Braila, Romania, 2006

Braila, Romania, 2006

the camp-Fagaras Mountains, Romania, 2006
(the plumbing in the building wasn't set up, so this was where we bathed, and it was icy cold)

the camp-Fagaras Mountains, Romania, 2006

Fagaras Mountains, Romania, 2006

view from the road, Kenya, 2007

Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2008

Sedona, Arizona, 2008

Sanibel, Florida, 2010
Sanibel, Florida, 2010

Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, 2010

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Aimee said...

Ah, lovely pictures. Looks like you visited some great places! Happy Friday-have a good weekend?