Thursday, April 7, 2011

ventures into the blogosphere :: Needled

For the last week or so, I've been reading pages and pages of Needled.  Kate Davies, the author, is a scholar and clearly a knitting genius.  She also writes regularly for Rowan and The Knitter and can definitely be classified as an expert.  I can't seem to get enough of the all the historical and sociological knowledge she shares of knitting, her home in Scotland (that looks amazingly gorgeous), garments, and, well, just about everything she ever brings up in posts.  Her patterns all have historical background and influence, and are available for purchase, but look incredibly complicated to me!  Perhaps someone who is capable of actually purling could create them, though. 

{manu cardigan; click image or link to see pattern listing}

I'm also developing a serious case of wanderlust since finding her very seriously gorgeous images of her outdoor adventures with her husband (and occasionally their dog).  This wanderlust is accompanied by a very serious desire to start graduate school.  If I ever find myself wondering if even more higher education is what I want in my life, a few minutes spent reading any well-researched and well-supported writing reminds me of the depths of my school-nerdiness--which reminds me, I need to begin reviewing my (weak) Spanish so that I can pass the proficiency exam before I start my Master of Arts in English.  Oh, yes, I decided on a degree plan--had I told you that?  I'll be spending the next two years (or six or seven, if I'm able to go on to get a Ph D) immersed in research and literature.

I'm afraid I haven't written as clearly as I'd like, and that I haven't fully convinced you to look at Kate's blog, but seriously--if you want to know more about the history of different crafts, and if you want to read about it in an interesting and clear manner, you need to go read Needled, now.  You'll walk away with greater knowledge and (most likely) a healthy dose of inspiration.

The image included in this post belongs to Kate Davies.  If you share it or post it elsewhere, please give her credit.


annekata said...

Hi Katie,
I have been admiring Kate Davies for quite some time. It was incredibly moving and inspiring how she documented the recovery of her stroke. She is unbelievable.
Thanks for reminding me of her blog.

Katie Bee said...

She's an incredible writer--I think that's what really gets me reading (aside from the wealth of information, anyway).