Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ventures into the Blogosphere :: my blogging friends

I'm not the only one in my circle of friends that casts my voice out into the great big internet.  A couple of my friends and acquaintances have things to say and recipes to share, so I'm sending you their way today. 

Beth has been my friend since we were Girl Scouts in third grade and both new to our school and the state of Kentucky.  She posts ridiculously delicious looking recipes like this chicken satay.

Daring Cooks:Chicken Satay

Amy and I went to college together for a few years (before I pretty much picked up and ran for a state school, but other people liked and stayed at Asbury).  She also posts good recipes, most of which are pretty healthy.  This key lime pie may not qualify as healthy, but I'd still like to learn how to make it, and I'd really love to eat some.  She says it's easy, so maybe I'll try it, even if it would mean yet another trip to the grocery store. 

key lime pie

I'm feeling really hungry right now, so we're going to turn from my food-blogging friends to my cousin's blog, where she writes about daily life in her beautiful personal style.  Jamie and I live far apart and only see each other once a year, maybe twice at most, so keeping up with her life and the life of her five sisters and aunt and uncle has gotten so much easier since she started blogging!  You hear that, Jamie?  Keep writing!


Oh, and if you're in need of a laugh, take a peek at this hilarity.  Just make sure you watch this video, too, as long as you're in a place where you can laugh out loud--very loudly--without disturbing the peace. 

Today's images were found about on flickr, not on my friends' blogs.  The PC in the lab I'm in isn't being very nice about letting me share photos, so copying and pasting the code worked a lot better than uploading. Maybe this computer knows I'd rather be on my macbook, old and a little weak though it may be.  Who decided that four year old computers are old, anyway?  Mine still works and I'm going to use it until it falls apart, or until the internet quits functioning, whichever comes first.  I also published this post without proofreading it and just caught myself using the wrong there/they're/their.  Oh dear, I really do need a new contact prescription. 

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